EU-UK relations: Parliament’s role in the Brexit negotiations

the European Parliament


The European Parliament plays a crucial role in the ongoing Brexit negotiations.


Following the Brexit referendum, the UK and the EU have been in talks on the country’s withdrawal from the union as well as the possible frame work for future relations, which would include trade.

The first phase of negotiations has focused on the withdrawal agreement, but in the coming weeks talks on the withdrawal terms will run in parallel with discussions on the possible future relationship between the EU and the UK. MEPs will discuss Parliament’s position regarding the possible future relationship on Tuesday and vote on a resolution the following day.

MEPs play a key role in deciding the outcome of these talks as any agreement would have to be approved by the European Parliament and the Council.

Guy Verhofstadt was appointed by the MEPs as Parliament’s coordinator. For his work he is able to draw on the expertise of the parliamentary committees and is assisted by the rest of Parliament’s Brexit steering group.

MEPs have adopted resolutions setting out the Parliament’s position to influence the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. They also liaise extensively with the EU’s chief negotiators as well as those who will be affected by Brexit.

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During the March plenary in Strasbourg, MEPs vote on priorities for the EU’s long-term budget as well as on red lines for future EU-UK relations.



On Wednesday MEPs vote on Parliament’s position on future EU-UK relations that form part of the ongoing Brexit talks. Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa will be the third EU leader this year to debate the future of Europe with MEPs on Wednesday morning. More money should be used to fund research and support young people and small firms, according to a resolution on the EU’s long-term budget being voted on Wednesday.

Parliament is set to vote on a proposal to overhaul the EU’s corporate tax system on Thursday to prevent major firms gaining an unfair advantage by switching in which country they pay their taxes.

How should the EU respond to announced US duties on imported steel and aluminium which could affect jobs and companies in Europe? MEPs debate it with trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström on Wednesday.


On Wednesday MEPs will debate the safety of journalists in Slovakia and the rest of the EU in the wake of the recent murder of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová.

MEPs are expected to urge the Syrian regime and its allies to stop the fighting in Ghouta and allow humanitarian aid, in a resolution to be voted on Thursday.

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