European Parliament and European Broadcasting Union: partnership for European Elections

Press Release: European Parliament President Antonio Tajani and European Broadcasting Union President Jean-Paul Philippot  signed an agreement to ensure wide coverage of the European Elections, on 11 of July 2018.

The deal also includes the organisation of a debate between the lead candidates to become President of the European Commission.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Parliament and the EBU establishes a partnership for cooperation on media coverage of the campaign for the European Elections in 2019. The partnership confirms both the EBU and the European Parliament’s strong willingness to cooperate with each other on the media coverage of the European Elections.

“We have to explain to citizens that voting in the European elections means strengthening European democracy. Trusted media sources must play a key role in informing citizens and debunking fake news. The lead candidate process will motivate Europeans to vote, but only in the context of a real debate on the future of Europe. I am therefore glad that the EBU is committed to producing pan-European TV debates between the lead candidates helping to bring the European Union closer to its citizens,” said Antonio Tajani, European Parliament President.


Source of photo: European Parliament President Antonio Tajani and European Broadcasting Union President Jean-Paul Philippot © European Union 2018


Notes for the editor

The European Parliament is the Institution representing the citizens of the European Union with elections of representatives to the European Parliament held by direct universal suffrage every 5 years.

The dates for the next elections to the European Parliament are 23-26 May 2019, as decided by the Council of the European Union and approved by the European Parliament.


the European Parliament


The European Broadcasting Union (“EBU”) is the world’s leading alliance of public service media, representing 73 members in 56 countries, collectively reaching an audience of 650 million Europeans. EBU and its members reach out to audiences through radio, television and online content.


Press Release, European Parliament,  11  of July 2018, Source:

By Intell News on July 24, 2018