Paul Timofei : “Houses in Bucharest” at Romană Art Gallery

Romană Art Gallery  is pleased to present the exhibition “Houses of Bucharest” by painter Paul Timofei. The opening is on Tuesday, November 21, starting at 19:00, in bd. Lascăr Catargiu, no. 1, sector 1, Bucharest (Piața Romană). The exhibition will be held on the cymas of the “Romană Art Gallery”, Bucharest , from 21st of November to 8th of December 2017.


Concerned about the landscape in general, the artist proposes significant works from 2007 – 2017, which have as a theme the old houses of the city and their ambience. After the school of Rome, with which he has been in contact for two years as scholar Vasile Pârvan, the old Bucharest is regarded with admiration, gravity and nostalgia, becomes a valuable and fertile subject, painted with the clear intention of preserving the memory of the things that do not have still perished.


poster of the exhibition



“(…) In the paintings of Paul Timofei there is a proximity between Rome and Bucharest through ruins. Prestigious ruins, admired by a whole world in the case of Rome and, of course, some modest in the case of Bucharest, but still beautiful. And it is precisely this that makes Paul Timofei, through his art: to grasp the beauty of these ruins,  which he returns to their true splendors. (…) An approach that can be defined as a work of patrimony recovery. “(Th. Paleologu)


“(…) The landscapes of Paul Timofei are emblems of a place, although the preferred perfection rule here does not imply the ancestry of common pleasure. A church near a house where the kings were living, the green structures of the vine and the ivy, private enclosures, all set in an insufficient setting. In fact, a radicalism of the choice separating this urban props from the rest of the caducous, the contemporary ballast. ”

“(…) The landscapes of Bucharest appear as an essential Rome, with the air of a poorly dead nature, but without the power of rebirth. Paul Timofei proposes their ultimate contemplation, a final impasse where ruined edifices, black embrasures, houses with columns, fronton and Roman statue, where the beauty and good of a city are closely related to disaster and crime. ” (B. Vlăduţă)


Romană Gallery in Bucharest 1, Boulevard Lascăr Catargiu, nr 1 (Romană Square)


Finally, the exhibition, which includes more than 25 works, may be the answer to the question:  How does a painter see Bucharest ?

The program of the exhibition is:

Monday to Friday: 10: 00-18: 00; Saturday: 10: 00-15: 00

Partners: Catena pentru artă.

Media partners: Senso TV, Evenimentul Zilei, Jurnalul Bucureștiului, Intell News, Modernism, Agenția de carte.

Author: Claudiu Victor Gheorghiu, Senior Editor at Culture at the Intell News agency as well as at the newspaper Jurnalul Bucurestiului, who are media partners with “Romană Art Gallery” from Bucharest.   19th of November 2017

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